At Modern Suit Samui we have a wide arrange of products and fabrics available. To get an idea about the possibilities, please have a look at the fabrics and products below. What makes us unique is the opportunity to have your shoes custom made. Please visit our tailor shop in Chaweng to see the possibilities!

modern suit samui men

Men’s clothing

  • Suits
  • Vests
  • Jackets
  • Blazers
  • Tuxedos & Dinner suits
  • Overcoats
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Handmade shoes
womens custom suit samui

Women’s clothing

  • Suits with pants
  • Suits with skirts
  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Overcoats
  • Handmade shoes

Our fabrics


Cotton is derived from the cotton plant and is a soft fiber. It can be made into a thread once it is removed from the plant. We use that thread to make it into cloth. It is a nice fabric to wear, because it is easy to move around in. It is also very comfortable in hot weather. Cotton is actually the most used natural fibers that can be used for a range of different clothing.

At Modern Suit Samui we have an extensive range of fabrics available to check. We use them mostly for shirts and blouses, and they are a popular choice for pants as well.  Cotton looks great both for casual and formal clothing.

cotton fabric textile


Wool comes from sheep and a few other animal species and is a textile fiber. Mohair and Cashmere are also called wool and are derived from goats. The good thing about wool is its insulation ability, even when it’s wet. The thick quality wool is suited for outside wear, while the finer qualities are very durable and smooth on the skin. The most popular types of wool are Angora, Cashmere or Merino.

At Modern Suit Samui we have a great number of wool products available. This fabric works well in jackets, pants, suits or coats.

wool fabric


The Flax plant supplies linen. It takes quite a while to manufacture it, but when it’s done, it’s a very cooling fabric. It is exceptionally smooth when touched and is a great supplier of summer clothes. It even gets softer when it’s washed more often. This fabric does crease a bit. When worn, it looks very stylish.

The linen fabric is very strong and durable. That is because the fibers don’t stretch and it will stay stronger when it’s wet (opposed to dry). It is easy to take care of as it resists stains or dirt. It can be dry cleaned, steamed or washed in a machine. At Modern Suit Samui we also have a range of linen fabrics available for you, to be used for pants, shirts and even suits.

linen fabric


Some forms of silk can be woven into a textile suitable for clothing. It is a protein fiber and produced by insects. Usually the silk from moth caterpillars is used for textiles. It is smooth and soft and one of the strongest natural fibers. Because of the way it absorbs heat, it is nice to wear in hot weather. It keeps the skin nice and cool and it can be used in a number of different products: (dress) suits, shirts, ties, pyamas, robes and high fashion clothes.

At Modern Suit Samui we can custom tailor many kinds of silk. Think of Japanese, Chinese, Thai or raw silk or even blends of these .

silk fabric

Blended fabrics

Do you want to try something different? Try one of our blends. Our tailors can help you decide the best combination for your needs. The best selling combinations include cashmere and wool, viscose and silk, polyester and linen, linen and silk and so on. They are a very popular choice for shirts, dresses, blouses and more.

Please visit our tailor shop in Chaweng to have a look at all the blends we have to offer. Surely we can advise you on the best combinations.

blended fabric